Welcome to the Cascade Vortex. Your presence here is already affected. The very air you breathe, the forces holding you to the earth; they are changed. Gravity is weakened, and somehow, your world is changed. Will you meet the challenge and mystery of this place? Stay for a while, try to understand the beauty and knowledge of this exciting deviation from the norm. Can you feel your senses being altered, your ears pricking up at the sensation that something is not quite as balanced as it was one minute ago?

What most visitors to this very location notice during the drive up is that the feeling of cool and rain and vibrant trees gives way to a chill that seeps into the bones. The green of the trees seems leeched out, dampened and flattened. The Cascade Vortex is a twisting, teeming mystery. Visitors will feel the pull, the absolute enigma of this place as far away as two miles from the Vortex epicenter.

Do you like the rules of nature? Forget all of them as you work your way closer to the Vortex. Physics is an ersatz resident of the Cascade Vortex – guests of the site report feeling gravity change for them. There is a sense of buoyancy and instability, walking outwards from the main building, and then the feet and limbs grow heavier, downward pull restored.

Perhaps this place is a gateway to another dimension. It has been nature’s way for eons to make a doorway into a new age, an evolution into a new species, a weakening of one link in the chain to forge new worlds. The Cascade Vortex might be just such a place. Theories abound as to whether the Vortex is waxing or waning in power. The Vortex is currently safe for all humans, a wonderful afternoon with family, to explore the curiosity of semi-weightlessness, the disorientation of electro-magnetic disturbances and neutralization of local weather.

Check this out!