In the late 1800’s, a logger by the name of Hank Morrissey set out to find a homestead for his new family. He found what he thought was the perfect spot, nestled in the hills south of Mt. Rainier. He bought the land and cleared it, using the trees themselves to build his new domicile, a three room cabin with all the newest amenities of the time.

After he built his new home and moved his family in, Hank discovered some strange things happening. Unexpected things. Water didn’t pour straight, brooms stood up by themselves, rocking chairs wouldn’t rock, and his children would unexpectedly fall out of bed. In addition, his house cat seemed agitated all the time, and paced the house constantly, or so the story goes.

Well, needless to say, Hank and his family didn’t last long in their new home. They sold it to the local pastor and his wife, but they found they couldn’t live there for long either. Thus began a series of owners until finally the house stood empty for years. Finally, it was refurbished into the attraction it is today, the Northwest’s most mysterious home: The Cascade Vortex!